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Apparatus according to claim 1, characterized in that the intensity of the applied electric current is less than or equal to 1 mA, and preferably amounts to Varizen Beschränkungen für Arbeit, preferably from 6 to 50 or or depending on the number of electrodes. Apparatus according to one of claims 1 or 2, characterized in that each pulse sequence has a polarity inversion with respect to the preceding.

Apparatus according to one of claims 1 to 3, characterized in that it comprises at least two "skin contact electrodes" of the flat type, positioned carbonated or non-carbonated, adhesive or non-adhesive, hydrogelhaltig or hydrogelfrei on the epidermis or adhesive, or - clips of the "crocodile type", - needles which are adapted to be inserted into the tissue.

Apparatus according to one of claims 1 to 4, characterized in that it comprises several couples of click, such as two electrodes or four electrodes covering the two treatment zones. Varizen Beschränkungen für Arbeit vorliegende Erfindung betrifft das technische Varizen Beschränkungen für Arbeit der elektrischen Stimulation bestimmter Gewebe. The present invention relates to the technical field of electrical stimulation of certain tissues.

These techniques are to be sent to selected tissues electrical stimulations, generally in the form of "arousal episodes" are repeated and adapted locally to excite the tissue in question, causing a beneficial effect.

The invention will be more specifically applied to the stimulation of the lymphatic system, in order to improve lymphatic drainage, to stimulate or to restore, since thereof the total liquid equilibrium of the body depends, including the blood circulation and especially of the venous circulation.

The lymph or lymphatic venous system has the task of transporting excess fluids, toxins and waste products in the body, to filter and dispose of it in the general circulation. If, on the contrary, the lymph flow for various reasons such as overwork, fatigue, obesity, age loss of elasticity of the tissuespathology, exposure to pollution, genetic factors, reinforcing factors such as tobacco slowed etc.

Cause gelation of stage 2 with progressive sclerosis of the tissue tension, the "orange peel" - little movable stage, possibly sclerosis. Consequently, it is important to stimulate this system specifically and controlled in order to obtain especially the "lymphatic" or improve what is, to stimulate a therapist known web with lymph stimulation and relaxation Varizen Beschränkungen für Arbeit. With these processes, the lymph node chain mobilized since the lymph excited and "pumped" is to reabsorb them mobilized.

In the muscle tissue level, a distinction between the global and the smooth white or red striped skeletal muscle. It is known that the white or go here muscles body muscles, particularly of the small intestine, stomach, and other known organs.

It is also known that the veins have very little white muscles. Varizen Beschränkungen für Arbeit, the vein has no own mobility. On the other hand, the lymph white musculature see FIG. The "Lymphagion", and 45 Herein lies one of the major differences from the venous system no this web page variceswhich is why this system is potentially mechanically and electrically dynamic.

Since these anchors are fixed in the tissues, causing any compression, any increase in volume and any stretching that these anchorages are stretched and hence the drainage capacity increases. Fabric can be stretched by: The technical problem of stimulation of the lymphatic system, therefore, is fundamentally different from the technical problem that relates to the venous system. Schematically sets the system to drain waste, including the lymphatic system, follow along and functions in the following manner.

In addition to an arterial system which nutrients, oxygen and fluids transported into the tissue, there is a system for the disposal of waste products Varizen Beschränkungen für Arbeit fluid replacement. Starling-Gesetz aufrecht erhalten bleibt. The lymphatic system manages Varizen Beschränkungen für Arbeit moisture balance, it cleanses the tissues and makes a further contribution to immunology, as explained above.

In contrast to the venous system, the fabric of this system consists of many muscles is composed. It is equipped with small flaps that dictate the direction of flow of lymph. Between these flaps, which consists of white muscle canal tissue which is controlled by the sympathetic and parasympathetic Varizen Beschränkungen für Arbeit system through in distoproximaler direction of a peristaltic wave - slow rhythmic, automatic muscle contraction every lymphangions possibility sympathetic and parasympathetic fluctuations.

Zwei Systeme der Varizen Beschränkungen für Arbeit The macrophages and lymphocytes "kill" these foreign cells from and organize the DNA for the purpose of release of protein compounds in order to ease into the circuit, due unbound harmless acids which are actually the body reused to make new DNA chains him comply with. Upon their arrival at heart the lymph is "clean", emanating from the ganglia vessels supplying hot vessels.

The lymph or lymphatic venous system has the task of transporting excess fluids, toxins and waste products in the body, to filter and dispose in the lymph and blood circulation. Then such phenomena as the formation of bags under the eyes, facial wrinkles, etc. Auf diesem Gebiet sind die folgenden Patente bekannt: In this area, the following patents are known: EP 0 EP. Performing an impedance measurement. The closest prior art set by the applicant considers that the following patents: FR 2FR 2 These technologies are presented as a stimulant for the white, smooth muscles of the venous Media and always act on the venous system.

Furthermore, the patent WO 91 is known, which describes the application of a pulsed current to the lymph drainage. This unit comprises an electrical pulse generator and a number of electrodes that are placed on the epidermis of the subject to be treated to conduct electrical pulse trains in the body in question.

Diese Stimulationen oder Impulse sind keine Rechtecksignale. These stimuli or pulses are not rectangular signals. The excitation time is shorter than the rest or relaxation time. Jetzt Varizen Beschränkungen für Arbeit entdeckt, dass das Lymph- bzw. Lymph-Venen-System des Menschen oder Tiers, insbesondere des Pferdes, mit speziellen elektrischen Stimulationen stimulierbar ist, die nachfolgend beschrieben werden.

It has now Varizen Beschränkungen für Arbeit discovered that the lymph Varizen Beschränkungen für Arbeit lymphatic venous system of the human or animal, especially the horse, with special electrical stimulation is stimulated, which are described below.

The invention relates to a new device for the stimulation of the lymphatic system in man or in animals, particularly in horses, as defined in claim 1. According to a particular embodiment, the intensity or strength of the applied electric current less than or equal to 1 mA milliamperes and preferably is from 6 to uA microamperes or more depending on the number of electrodes in accordance with the "feel" of patients are the only restrictions in this area.

Each pulse sequence has with respect to the preceding sequence to a polarity reversal. Der Strommittelwert ist demnach Null, wodurch jedwede Polarisierung von Material Varizen Beschränkungen für Arbeit behandelten Gewebe vermieden wird.

The average current value is therefore zero, whereby any polarization of material is avoided in the treated tissue. According to a particular embodiment, the frequency of each pulse is 0.

Other features and advantages of the invention will become more apparent upon reading the following description with von Krampfadern wahr oder Scheidung to the drawings and tests in read more system, of which: EMG activity curves, which were made with the device according to Varizen Beschränkungen für Arbeit invention and with devices according to the prior art, as specified in the following tests.

Die The 45 45die sich aus den Resulting from the 45A 45A und and 45B 45B zusammensetzt, veranschaulicht die Gewebsstruktur um das Lymphsystem herum. Freshly slaughtered pigs 5 minutes were taken from three anatomical parts, namely: It was carried out the removal of the section and the following anatomical portions: Depending on the case were the impulses either on Varizen Beschränkungen für Arbeit basis of needles were inserted into the test tissue test reference hereinafter "ACU" or "alligator clips" that were clipped at the test tissue "CROCO"is used.

This test procedure was judged to be suitable, a method "external, non-intrusive" stimulation to simulate correctly, such as in particular by contact electrodes which are applied in practice, to the exclusion of very specific cases. The tests were performed with the aim to compare the effects of various devices with various settings in order to determine the shapes and properties of the stream can, Varizen Beschränkungen für Arbeit are able to treat the lymphatic system in accordance with the above objectives or stimulate.

The activity was calculated using a "mean formula" between the positive and negative pulses, which took into account and in relation to the "path detection", which appears in the left pane of the curves as for the expert identified.

The unit was set according to the instruction manual of the Datavein- TM device, that is 1. With the cursor position representative and reproducible averages can be calculated. Weiterhin wird auf den sehr unterschiedlichen Kurvenverlauf hingewiesen. Furthermore, attention is verursachen trophischen Geschwüren to the very different curve.

Furthermore, it is to point Varizen Beschränkungen für Arbeit the different shape of the pulses, with the Datavein TM regular pulses and the FDLP in groups of eight alternating pulses with polarity reversal is observed, but not with the Datavein TM. The devices Varizen Beschränkungen für Arbeit set to 30 uA. After evidence of the general superiority of the FDLP in various configurations was determined with this test, the best current properties for the FDLP.

In order to stimulate a ganglion manually, the therapist performs beats per minute, which corresponds to a frequency of about 0.

A Lymphkollektor performs 10 to 12 movements per minute, which corresponds to a frequency of about 0. Anscheinend befindet sich die Kombination aus diesen beiden Frequenzen mit den Impulsfolgen in Harmonie mit dem von der Natur vorgegebenen langsamen Rhythmus des Varizen Beschränkungen für Arbeit. Apparently there is the combination of these two frequencies with the pulse sequences in harmony with nature intended it to slow rhythm of the lymphatic system.

The recommended setting for the Datavein TM is 1. Apparently a longer recovery time more efficiently at the same labor. On the other hand, the possibility has been demonstrated for the Varizen Beschränkungen für Arbeit, set the device that Ludwigshafen am Rhein Varison current types are generated: Click were carried out on a Venegewebe, either with needles inserted or clamped crocodile clips.

Um die auf den In order to 16 16. The activities obtained wereand 12,th. Der ermittelte Wert betrug lediglich The value obtained was only th. Es wurde ein Wert von erzielt, der aber unter den Werten mit den Krokodilklammern liegt.

That seems to disprove the theory of block-patent, stating that make up the veins of white muscle. There were conducted tests: There were "current regulator tests" performed with the FDLP: Es wurden Rechtecksignale getestet. There rectangular signals were tested. Folgende Kurven wurden erhalten: The following curves were obtained: Krokodilklammer auf Lymphgewebe Figur 26 Varizen Beschränkungen für Arbeit clip on lymphoid tissue Figure 26 schwaches Ergebnis poor result Nadeln auf Lymphgewebe Figur 27 Needles on lymphoid tissue Figure 27 etwas just click for source Ergebnis slightly better Krokodilklammer auf roter Muskulatur Figur 28 Crocodile clip on red muscle Figure 28 gutes Ergebnis good result Nadeln auf roter Muskulatur Figur 29 Needles on red muscle Figure 29 gutes Ergebnis good result in Krokodilklammer auf Venengewebe Figur 30 Crocodile clip on venous tissue Figure 30 Nadeln auf Venengewebe Figur 31 Varizen Beschränkungen für Arbeit on venous tissue Figure 31 Krokodilklammer auf Lymphgewebe Figur 32 Crocodile clip on lymphoid tissue Figure 32 schwaches Ergebnis weak result Nadeln auf Lymphgewebe Figur 33 Needles on lymphoid tissue Figure 33Problem mit den Nadelnproblem with the needles Krokodilklammer auf roter Muskulatur Figur 34 Crocodile clip on red muscle Figure 34 gutes Ergebnis good result Nadeln auf roter Muskulatur Figur 35 Needles on red muscle Figure 35 gutes Ergebnis, aber schlechter good result, but worse Krokodilklammer auf Venengewebe Figur 36 Crocodile clip on venous tissue Figure 36sehr gutes Ergebnisvery good result Nadeln auf Venengewebe Figur 37 Needles on venous tissue Figure 37sehr gutes Ergebnisvery good result.

It can be deduced that rectangular signals are better suited for the treatment of the venous system, since the perivascular striped skeletal muscle is stimulated and only slightly or not the media that lacks virtually the whole venous system.

Although the possibility of falsification of some results of this test by the small amount consisted of perivascular red muscles, these multiple tests that the device clearly on the vein and a red muscle acts in the manner of a venous pump with a contraction effect acts in place of the lymphatic system, where the effect is virtually zero.

Das zeigt, dass die Rechtecksignale keine signifikante Wirkung auf das Lymphsystem haben. This shows that the square wave signals have no significant effect on the lymphatic system. These tests also are all other, further confirmed the above tests performed, because you get to the predicted results by the manufacturer.

Varizen Beschränkungen für Arbeit

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