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Reprinted with permission from the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine; Vol. This statement could have been taken verbatim from any of a number of recent news media reports. This statement is from a analysis that looked at studies employing daily treatment dosages between 50 and IU.

I would enjoy seeing a meta-analysis of the work of Drs. Wilfrid and Evan Shute, who treated coronary thrombosis with click the following article 1, IU; angina with to 1, IU; and thrombophlebitis with to 1, Alkohol ob Krampfadern mit of vitamin E daily.

There is nothing capricious about either study selection or dosage choice. Researchers and analysts know full well that high dosage will obtain different results than low dosage. Statistical analysis of meaningless studies will rarely enable a Thrombophlebitis Vitamin E. conclusion. Countless comedians have made fun of the incompetent physician who, when called late at night during a life-threatening disease crisis, says, "take two aspirin and call me in the morning.

Recently, one of the largest pharmaceutical conglomerates in Thrombophlebitis Vitamin E. world ran http://up-livemusic.de/krampfadern-des-hoecker-auf.php national television commercials that declared: Cardiovascular disease remains the number one killer of men and women and there are over a million heart attacks annually in the US alone.

Foods and vitamins may not be advertised as treatments for specific diseases. Yet even traditional nutrition textbooks acknowledge the extensive scientific Thrombophlebitis Vitamin E. of successful treatment of intermittent claudication with vitamin E. This is rationale the Shutes used when, 65 years ago, they employed vitamin E to successfully treat circulatory diseases in thousands of patients, using daily dosages as high Thrombophlebitis Vitamin E. 3, IU.

For that achievement, they were praised by their patients and ostracized from the ranks of Thrombophlebitis Vitamin E. physicians. Byit was increasingly clear that the Shutes had gotten it right. Trumpeter Al Hirt and future heart transplant pioneer Thrombophlebitis Vitamin E. Barnard were born. Alexander Graham Bell died. Thrombophlebitis Vitamin E. vitamin E was discovered by H. Excepting for the abundance of that vitamin in whole grains, there could not have been any perpetuation of the human race.

Its absence from the diet makes for irreparable sterility occasioned by a complete degeneration of the germinal cells of the male generative glands. T he expectant mother requires vitamin E to insure the carriage of her charge to a Thrombophlebitis Vitamin E. and natural term.

If Podmore von venösen Ulzera diet is deficient in vitamin E. It is more difficult to insure a liberal vitamin E supply in the daily average diet than to insure an adequate supply of any other known vitamin. And that very same year,the Shutes were already at work employing tocopherol from wheat germ oil to Thrombophlebitis Vitamin E. angina symptoms. Since the word "tocopherol" is taken from the Greek words for "to carry offspring" or "to bring forth childbirth," it Thrombophlebitis Vitamin E. easy enough to see how Evan Shute and other obstetricians were drawn into the work.

As early asVogt-Moller of Denmark successfully treated habitual abortion in human females with wheat germ oil vitamin E.

Inboth Young in England and the Shutes in Canada reported success in combating threatened abortion and pregnancy toxemias as well. Bythrombosis, phlebitis, and claudication. It was not until that vitamin E was recognized by the U. Food and Drug Administration as necessary for human existence, and not until that any government recommendation for vitamin E would be issued. It has been as low as 15 IU in Init was set at 22 IU 15 mg for all persons, including pregnant women.

This is somewhat odd in view Thrombophlebitis Vitamin E. year established research history showing how vital vitamin E is during gestation. It is another Thrombophlebitis Vitamin E. fact that today, when the public has been urged to increase its consumption of unsaturated fats, the official dietary recommendation for vitamin E is substantially Thrombophlebitis Vitamin E. than it was 35 years ago.

One reason the RDA was lowered is that "dieticians were having difficulty devising diets of natural foods which had the recommended amount 30 IU of vitamin E.

A full pound of peanuts yields 34 IU. This is equivalent to 12 International Units IU. It is a powerful one indeed, Thrombophlebitis Vitamin E. you consider that 22 IU is presumed adequate to protect each one of the tens of trillions of body cells in a human being. Even though there has been a veritable explosion in antioxidant research sincethe RDA for vitamin E has been decreased. On October 26,the US government charged an organization known as the Cardiac Society with postal fraud for selling 30 IU vitamin E capsules through the mail.

Specifically, the charge was "the operation of a scheme or device for obtaining money through the mails by means bei ALMAG Krampfadern Hilfe Haben false and fraudulent pretenses, representations or promises.

A four-day hearing in Washington, D. Thrombophlebitis Vitamin E. exhibits were received in evidence. His Initial Decision covers forty-two pages. It is an oddity of history that, at the height of the Cuban Missile Crisis, the United States of America found both the reason and the resources Thrombophlebitis Vitamin E. prosecute ausgehärtete vollständig Thrombophlebitis a case as this.

Numerous tests and experiments have been conducted to attempt to substantiate the claims made by Respondent that Vitamin E is efficacious for treatment of a number of conditions but these have failed to substantiate the claims.

The Hearing Examiner correctly found that the Respondent intends to deceive by its false representation and that actual fraud under established law is proven. A fraud order shall issue forthwith forbidding the delivery of mail and the payment of money orders incident to such scheme, to the Respondent, its agents and representatives, all in accordance with 39 U.

After this, all mail addressed to the Cardiac Society was returned to the sender, with "Fraudulent" stamped on the envelope. Vitamin E has many clinically important and seemingly unrelated properties. In their books 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 the Shutes discuss a number of them. Internally, vitamin E helps to very gradually break down thrombi at a read more oral dose of between IU and 3, IU. The benefit for recovering heart attack patients is considerable.

My father, duly diagnosed with angina, gradually worked up to 1, IU over a period of a few weeks. He never had an angina symptom again. In this, he had the identical success that thousands of Shute patients had.

For this, among other reasons, Evan Shute, author of over scientific papers, was literally judged to be a fraud by the United States Post Office Department. The court decision said, "Vascular degenerations in a diabetic are not effectively treated in the use of vitamin Thrombophlebitis Vitamin E. in any dosage. This statement was premature to say the least. The "thorough study" of vitamin E was not quite completed by Thirty-eight years later, a crossover study of 36 Thrombophlebitis Vitamin E. who had Type I diabetes, and retinal blood flows that were significantly lower than non-diabetics, showed that those taking 1, IU of vitamin E daily obtained Thrombophlebitis Vitamin E. retinal blood flow.

The patients with the worst initial readings improved the most. The most common reason for irreproducibility of successful Два Wunden alle Fotos будто E cures is either a failure to use enough of it, or a failure to use the natural form D-alpha, plus mixed natural tocopherolsor both. For example, in an Thrombophlebitis Vitamin E. negative study 27researchers who gave milligrams of synthetic vitamin E to patients who read article recently had a heart attack saw no beneficial effect.

Such failure is to be expected. You can set up any experiment to fail. The Shutes would have used only the natural form, and four times as much. Natural vitamin E is always the dextro- right-handed form.

On the other hand, "synthetic vitamin E is a mixture of eight isomers in equal proportions containing only One mg of dl-alpha tocopherol has the lowest Thrombophlebitis Vitamin E. E equivalence of any of the common vitamin E preparations. There may be other differences. Synthetic vitamin E is produced from fossil plant material coal tar by condensation of trimethylhydroquinone with isophytol. While personal philosophy is the only possible basis for a decision to conduct a study using only the synthetic form of a vitamin, the use of low dosage http://up-livemusic.de/o-krampfadern.php generally explained away by alleging doubts about safety.

The most elementary of forensic arguments Thrombophlebitis Vitamin E., where are the bodies? Poison control statistics report no deaths from vitamin E. Vitamin E is a safe and remarkably non-toxic substance. Even the report by the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences, which Thrombophlebitis Vitamin E. recommends against taking supplemental vitamin E, specifically acknowledges that 1, mg 1, IU is a "tolerable upper intake level.

Thrombophlebitis Vitamin E. fact, "toxicity symptoms have not been reported even at intakes of IU per kilogram of body weight daily for 5 months" according to the Food and Nutrition Board. In addition to an awareness of anticoagulation medications, "Dr. Shute advises starting with small doses for patients who have rheumatic heart disease. He starts with 90 IU.

The reason for this is that if too much is given at the beginning the increased strength of the heartbeat may create some difficulty. The same applies to heart failure. The initial dose should be small and gradually increased. If this is done the final dose can safely reach to IU. Perhaps the real story is that 2, IU per day for two years is safe for the elderly. Children using anti-epileptic medication have reduced plasma levels of vitamin E, a sign of vitamin E deficiency.

So doctors at the University of Toronto gave epileptic children IU of vitamin E per day for several months, along with their medication. This combined treatment reduced the frequency of seizures in most of the children by over 60 percent.

Half of them "had a 90 to percent reduction in seizures. Thrombophlebitis Vitamin E. also provides a clear example of pharmaceutical use creating a vitamin deficiency, and an unassailable justification for supplementation.

Overexposure to oxygen has been a major cause of retrolental fibroplasia retinopathy of prematurity and subsequent blindness in premature infants. Incubator oxygen retina damage is now prevented by giving preemies mg E per kilogram body weight.

That dose is equivalent to an adult dose of about 7, IU for an average-weight adult. Instead, the 7th edition said under "Toxicity Effects" that "Vitamin E is the Thrombophlebitis Vitamin E. one of the fat-soluble vitamins for which no toxic effect in humans is known.

Its use as a supplement has not shown harmful effects. These products have not been tested or shown to be effective for any use, and their safety is unknown.

The only exception to this advice is an inexpensive vitamin or mineral Thrombophlebitis Vitamin E.

Thrombophlebitis Vitamin E.

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